Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Caterer and Chinaware

When selecting a wedding caterer for your big day, it is very critical that you understand what is included. Delicious food and amazing presentations are important, but having the right china for your reception is a necessity. Often time’s chinaware is an upgrade, but would be of great value to your wedding. Just imagine the lengthy process it would be to gather and haul all your chinaware to and from your venue. It would save much needed time to go through a caterer that can manage all that for you. You would also want to ensure that the chinaware available contributes to your overall presentation and to be conscious of any additional fees required for any upgrades.


The ideal wedding caterer would have several different table setting options in order to fit any reception such as a plated meal or a family style dinner. In addition to including chinaware, they would also set up each guest table with detail and care to amaze your guests. Another benefit from choosing a well prepared caterer is that they will be responsible for clearing guest tables of dirty chinaware throughout the night, as well as, cleaning their china and taking it with them so you would not have to worry about any mess or transportation.


However, if you are a DIY kind of person, do not let this discourage you; collecting antique mismatch chinaware would surely create some stunning and breathtaking pictures that will keep your guests raving. If you are pressed for time and need assistance with gathering antique chinaware, you can contact our friends at Dusty Lilacs for your antique needs. Wedding planning is already very hectic, choosing a company with the equipment needed to make your big day perfect will save you much needed time and stress!


Catering Tip #22

The most important thing to consider when designing your table setting is you! Incorporate something that you enjoy or want to share with your guests. This is your wedding and any design you choose will be perfect. Just avoid overcrowding these tables to ensure your guests are most comfortable.


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